Nurture Tropical Spa & Cafe
Barangay Maitim II, West, Tagaytay City, Philippines

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Nurture Tropical Spa & Cafe

Nurture Tropical Spa & Cafe

Nurture Tropical Spa Cottages

Nurture Tropical Spa Room

Nurture Tropical Spa Restaurant

Nurture Tropical Spa Massage Room

Nurture Tropical Spa Massage Room

Nurture Tropical Spa Massage

Nurture Tropical Spa Body Scrubs

Nurture Tropical Spa Massage Room

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Minimum stay in low season: 3 nights
Minimum stay in high season: 5 nights


Nurture Spa's comfortable air-conditioned or naturally ventilated rooms.

Have an unforgettable stay in an "ulog"- an ancient Igorot native house sourced from the world's famous Banaue rice terraces, painstakingly rebuilt piece by piece and fitted with modern amenities.

• Ifugao Hut
Naturally ventilated, good for 2 persons

• Serenity Cottage
Airconditioned, good for 2 persons


Nurture Cafe
Nurture Spa provides you with a healthy menu without compromising on taste. Extra care is taken to make sure that food has less fat, less calories but delicious and good for the body. Asian fusion cuisine is served catering to meat lovers as well as to vegetarians. The dining experience at Nurture Spa is all about delectability, affordability and above all, nutrition.

Spa Treatments

Kaayaayang Buhok

• Ylang-ylang Royal Hair Spa 1 Hour
Nourish your hair and scalp with freshly-pressed extra virgin coconut milk - giving your hair all the vitamins it needs. Then refresh it with the fragrant, special blend ylang-ylang oil, while enjoying a soothing head massage.

• Sabila Hair Luster 1 Hour
Pure lavender and tea tree essential oils steeped in rich olive oil deeply moisturize sun-dried, brittle, dead hair. Natural sap rehydrates and strengthens individual hairstrands resulting in revitalized, beautiful locks.

Kutis Anghel Facials

• Mutya Natural Facial 1 Hour
Refreshing all-natural treatment packed with Vitamins A & C and natural antioxidants in honey, tomato, almond, yoghurt & cucumber to cleanse & invigorate.

• Maharlika Lavender Facial 1 Hour
A fragrant lavender scrub gently exfoliates and soothes your face, followed by a triple action Dead Sea facial mud mask to cleanse and nourish the skin. Dead Sea moisturizer restores skin’s natural elasticity.

• Makisig Gentleman's Facial 1 Hour
Deep cleanse, exfoliate, smoothen and soften sun burnt and wind-kissed skin. Green clay mask absorbs impurities from the skin while restoring vital minerals.

• Marikit Natural Facial 1 Hour
Mini facial of honey and lavender scrub followed by a protein mask gives your face a natural lift and loving glow.

Paraiso Garden Joys

• Lunas 1 Hour 30 Minutes
Luxurious Hele Foot Spa combined with Mutya Natural Facial. Truly a stress buster like no other, as fresh air and nature's sounds lull you to bliss.

• Pawi Hand and Foot Massage 1 Hour
Revitalizing massage of your limbs and back uses special aromatherapy oils to enhance your well-being.

• Hele Foot Spa 1 Hour
Luxurious foot pampering like you’ve never experienced before! Rough skin is gently, patiently sloughed off, your feet soaked, wrapped and massaged in special oils, till you’re walking on air with cottony soft soles.

• Dilag Facial Massage 30 Minutes
Professional and soothing facial massage takes years off your face the natural way!

• Iglipang Ginhawa 30 Minutes
Give those knotted muscles a welcome relief with this rejuvinating head and shoulder professional massage.

Sinaunang Lunas

• Hilot Kagalingan 1 Hour
Customized Filipino massage using a fusion of Asian therapies to prevent and cure common ailments like cold, fever and fatigue. Our skilled therapists instinctively follow the source of physical imbalance and lovingly massage your body back to health using herbs and specialized techniques.

• Dagdagay Foot Massage 1 Hour
An authentic Filipino tribal foot massage using herbal clay to cleanse and purify the feet, bamboo sticks to stimulate the soles, and a soothing leg and foot massage to cap this stimulating yet soothing treatment.

• Lunas ng Baños 1 Hour 30 Minutes
Hilot combines with Baños - an ancient tradition of simultaneously bathing the hands and feet with warm water steeped in healing herbs to remove fever, pain and fatigue.

• Lunas sa Suob 1 Hour 30 Minutes
Hilot combined with Suob - an ancient deep cleansing tradition using a steam tent to open the pores of the skin and remove dirt, toxins and fever.

• Lunas ni Nanay 1 Hour 30 Minutes
Hilot combined with Ventosa - an ancient way of using vaccum and massage to promote balance and remove toxins from the body.

Haplos Kalinga Massage

• Magsing-Irog Massage 1 Hour
A sultry, seductive blend of sandalwood, ylang ylang and lavender essential oils, used by lovers through history to ignite passionate response, are used in this intimate massage for two in a romantic couple’s room.

• Ginhawa Body Massage 1 Hour 30 Minutes
An extended massage of our signature floral strokes combined with light stretching uses freshly blended pine, tea tree and lavender essential oils to balance the nervous and emotional systems and create a revitalized sense of harmony, joy and well-being.

• Kambal Kamay 1 Hour
A symphony of two therapists working in four-hand symmetry to massage your stresses away. A special blend of harmony aromatherapy oil makes the massage unforgettable.

• Arugâ 1 Hour
Wonderful relaxation in our full body signature massage, using Tranquility Massage Oil - a soothing blend of benzoin, cedarwood and grapefruit essential oils to relieve anxiety and tension, giving you a sense of deep calm and relaxation.

• Payapa 1 Hour
Total well-being in our full body signature massage, using Harmony Massage Oil - a balancing blend of lavander, benzoin and grapefruit essential oils to promote a feeling of peace and harmony.

Kinang Body Scrubs

• Aliwalas Dead Sea Salt Scrub 1 Hour
A wondrous two-in-one scrub with essential oils nourishes the skin while eliminating fatigue and exhaustion. This mineral-rich scrub helps cell rejuvenation and rids the body of dead skin cells and toxins leaving your skin soft and supple.

• Kape Barako Coffee Scrub 1 Hour
A heavenly treat for coffee lovers with a rich aroma that invigorates the senses as much as the skin. Finely ground aromatic Batangas coffees with special herbs stimulate circulation and assist in detoxification.

• Mayumi Coconut Body Polish 1 Hour
This gentle exfoliation treatment, excellent for all skin types including sensitive skin, uses freshly grated coconut to remove dry dead skin and nourish the body with its rich natural emollients.

Dalisay Body Wraps

• Hilom Dead Sea Mud Wrap 1 Hour
Powerful minerals in Dead Sea Mud heal skin problems like acne and eczema, ease muscular and rheumatic pain, and restore circulation. This treatment with essential oils relieves stress and enhances the immune system to slow down the aging process.

• Manggang Yakap 1 Hour
Delicious pampering with mango and yoghurt leaves skin feeling soft and silky to the touch. Bursting with Vitamin C, ripe mango nourishes and protects while enzymes and lactic acid in yoghurt gently soften skin.

• Maningning Back Treatment 1 Hour
Exfoliating and relaxing hot aroma compress of the back, followed by a deep cleansing mud pack, and capped with a stress-relieving back massage makes you bathe smooth and lovely touch.

Hiyas Spa Jewels

• Kagandahan 2 Hours
A ladies pampering special! Aruga Signature Body Massage followed by Mutya Natural Facial uses nature's magic to beautify your skin and leave you smoothed and soothed.

• Kagitingan 2 Hours
A Gentleman's delight! Aruga Signature Body Massage followed by Makisig Gentleman's Facial soothe masculine senses and nourish sun - kissed skin.

• Maharlikang Lubos 3 Hours
The ultimate pampering! Luxuriate in this royal treatment as you bathe in fresh rose petals and milk .Release your skin’s natural glow with a scrub of tropical herbs and a skin-nourishing body wrap. Soothe your ‘third eye’ in an ayurvedic inspired ritual and let your hair and scalp be revitalized with a heavenly massage..

• Kaaya-ayang Paglingap 3 Hours
Pure bliss! Mayumi Coconut Body Polish, Manggang Yakap Body Wrap and Aruga Signature Body Massage combine to transport you to heaven of total pampering and pleasure.


Nurture is not only about spa body treatments, it is also about achieving inner peace and balance.

• Qi Gong
Gentle exercises to get energy flowing to release tension and provide mental clarity. It stimulates circulation of blood and the life force, improves the delivery of oxygen to the cells, reduces stress, and improves bowel function. Practitioners believe qigong will help the body functions of a person who is sick return to normal.

• Yoga
Gentle breathing and stretching exercises to tone muscle and improve blood circulation.

• Labirinto
Walk barefoot on the circular path, symbolizing one's journey into the soul.

• Yin Yang
A quiet spot perfect for relaxation.

• Nature's Trek
Basic and advanced walking trips, bringing you back into nature's bossom.


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